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YESZINA is here to fight sexual harassment in public transportation

A campaign baptized “Matoskotich Makich Wahdek” (Don’t keep silent, you’re not alone) was launched December 5th, 2018. In Tunisia, YESZINA mobile application is launched on Google Play to fight against sexual harassment in the means of public transport in Tunisia as an action part of the “Generation A’venir” (Next generation) program of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Tunisia in partnership with the Tunisian Association of Women Democrats (ATFD) and the International Association of Students in Tunisia, AIESEC.

YESZINA mobile application makes it possible to report immediately these behaviors and their location. A simple and accessible application, which guarantees the security of reports and personal data of users. The goal of this application is to reinforce the existing law by showing the geolocation of cases reported, it included a call to action through the Pledge to raise awareness of the importance of the cause, and the measures needed to combat one form of violence against women.

District Digital Agency had collaborated with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Tunisia and Gnération A’venir to launch the campaign and worked on designing and developing the mobile application Yeszina and its website. All along our agency worked on designing all the assets needed for the campaign.

The campaign was a source of engagement for the District team to fight an epidemic affecting the Tunisian society. YESZINA was designed and developed with a user-friendly interface that gives the opportunity to users to access it easily. It will give the users the possibility to create an access account or log in as incognitos in order to report cases lived or witnessed of sexual harassment. On the other hand, users can have a view over the cases reported on a map that generates automatically the location.

To raise more awareness of the campaign, the development team added the pledge interface. The application users can their engagement on social media with “Matoskotish Makich Wa7dek” sticker. This photo will include a message to engage people to download the application and access its website.

Share your views on the topic with us and stay tuned to get further information on the process of creating the application.

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