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Branding Digital Marketing Graphic Design is a Tunisian online shop working on luxury brands sales mainly accessories (glasses and watches) since 2012.
It is now one of the leading online stores in Tunisia


When District Digital Agency started with in october 2017, the company had already an active website and social media accounts but it lacked visual identity. District's team worked in collaboration with the management of the company to create a clearer graphic chart that enhances the brand and give it a better visual identity through a strategic communtiy management plan. On the other hand, our team re-shaped the company's website by making it more user friendly with an advanced user experience in order to become a leading virtual storefront for luxary brands accessories.

  • Date

    October 1, 2017

  • Skills

    Branding, Graphic Design, UI Design, UX Design, Community Management, Digital Marketing

  • Client

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