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10 reasons to choose a startup for your dream career

Twenty years ago, your parents would have scoffed at the idea of you graduating college only to pursue a job at a startup. Stability. Benefits. Growth. This is what they’d say to push you into the corporate world. And historically, they’d be right. Working in “Corporate” does have its upside. Comparatively, starting your career at a startup comes with uncertainty and risk. But the generation Y is ready to take this risk head-on. According to different surveys around the world, just 15% grads said they would “prefer” to work for large corporations. Sorry moms and dads. With about 400,000 startups launching each year, many first-time workers are faced with a tough decision: Should I go the safer route and pursue a job with an established corporation or sign with a startup?

We rolled the dice for you to give 10 reasons to choose a startup as your dream career.

1. Greater opportunity

2. License to innovate

3. An impressive job title

4. Awesome work environment

5. Make a difference

6. Age is no barrier

7. Learn to be self-sustainable

8. Work with passion

9. Mini MBA

10. Courage to take risks

A lot of people want that corner office on the 54th floor but chances in your first job won’t get you there. The best tools graduates can equip themselves with come from joining a startup. And who knows, you may just be at the next Apple.

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